Weddings for Everyone

Peforming Ceremonies Since 1993....


Rev. LaRouche has performed over 950 weddings with a goal of 1001 before she retires!

It is our great pleasure to perform unique, creative, romantic, non-denominational wedding ceremonies anywhere, anytime.  We specialize in customizing our ceremonies to meet your very special needs.   It is one of the most important events in your life, so it should truly reflect you...

Some of our most popular options are...

  • Handfasting: Performed in a new way-a circle of fresh roses and herbs bind you in ancient ceremony–this is a signature service for all weddings we perform
  • Wine Sharing Ceremony: In which the couple drinks from the same cup showing their intent to always share their lot. Ask about using our silver Nuremberg Wedding Cup for your wine sharing.
  • Sand Ceremony: Colored sands are blended in a single container showing how the two are combining their lives.
  • Candle Lighting: As your Mothers gave you life, so they give you light and you blend the heat and light of those two flames into one.
  • Broom Jumping: An African-American and, surprisingly, Celtic custom, performed at the end of the wedding, where an honored person sweeps clean the path with a decorated broom and the couple jump into marriage and the future together.

...and more....

In addition to wedding ceremonies, we also perform...

  • Christenings & Baptisms
  • Name Giving Ceremonies
  • Renewals of Vows
  • Celebration of Adoption
  • Funerals